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KPMG Thought Leadership App has been released

KPMG Thought Leadership App has been released

Helping our teams and clients access the latest thinking from across our global network is critical to succeeding in the ever more competitive market. That is why at a global level KPMG has invested in a KPMG iPad app, which now features thought leadership produced at a global level and also from a wide range of countries.


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Free to download, the app supports a multi-lingual user interface, available in 25 languages. You will now have instant access to the breadth and depth of KPMG insights from around the world on today's pressing and complex challenges right at your fingertips. Easy to use features, such as filters and powerful search-by-country, industry and functional practice features, enable you to tailor content to your preferences. Reports can be shared by email, and stored in personalised 'bookshelf' lists for offline reading.


The new app can be used as an effective sales support tool, helping you engage in different conversations. In-depth research and thought leadership empower you to make solid business decisions.


This is a competitive advantage for KPMG in the marketplace – we were the first of the Big-4 to launch an iPad app back in September 2010, and we are now the first to have a single multi-lingual app for all thought leadership across the globe.


You can download the app directly from the Apple App Store onto your iPad and use it to provide the best of KPMG insight. Make sure you use this chance to get better business insight from the new KPMG thought leadership app!


KPMG in Ukraine has attached its surveys to the new iPad app!

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