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Corporate Governance Survey

Corporate Governance Survey

Dear colleagues,   We invite you to participate in a study of corporate governance in Ukraine, organized by KPMG in Ukraine in cooperation with the Professional Association of Corporate Governance in 2013.   The purpose of the survey is to determine the degree of integration of the principles and tools of corporate responsibility in the corporate governance structure of the company.    To participate in the study and get access to the questionnaire survey send a request by e-mail to the head of the Department of Business Development at KPMG in Ukraine Alina Sevastyuk by 20 November 2013.   KPMG in Ukraine adheres strictly to the principles of confidentiality, the provided information will be used for analysis purposes only by KPMG in Ukraine; no responses will be attributed to individuals. All responses will be looked at in strict confidence, with the results made available in aggregate form only.    KPMG hopes that you will find time to answer the questions it  will give the study greater credibility and provide high-quality outputs. Brief conclusions of the generalized results will be published. First of all a full report of the study will be provided to the survey participants.   Thank you for your participation!  


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