will.i.am talks to KPMG about the media industry

will.i.am talks to KPMG about the media industry

We’re at the start of a digital revolution.   Digital adoption is still in its relative infancy, and it’s going to grow a pace over the coming months. Companies of whatever scale and whatever size and from whatever sector have no option but to embrace this digital revolution. KPMG is advising companies across the spectrum of challenges they are facing as they embrace digital, from new revenue models to rebuilding operational models and the ever increasing area of information security.


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KPMG in the UK is delighted will.i.am, entertainer, producer and digital entrepreneur, took some time out to share his views on how companies needed to change and enhance their business models in the digital age. In the video he talks about social media generally, how broadcasters need to connect with a ‘connected’ audience and how content will be created in the future.


We hope you find will.i.am’s views insightful.

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