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KPMG in Ukraine holds the second “Green Meeting” of the KPMG Club

KPMG in Ukraine holds the second “Green Meeting” ...

The second “Green Meeting” of the KPMG club was held on 5 June to coincide with the celebration of World Environment Day. A video conference call was organized between KPMG's offices in Kiev and Donetsk in order to involve a larger number of participants – KPMG clients and partners in Ukraine, representatives of manufacturing companies, banking institutions, international organizations and also journalists.


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The meeting was opened by Alina Sevastyuk, Head of Markets, KPMG in Ukraine. She talked about the firm’s experience with environmental and other CCS events, and also presented the recommendations, which had been prepared by KPMG International, on how to involve business in sustainable development. In June a KPMG delegation headed by Yvo de Boer, Special Global Advisor, Climate Change and Sustainability, will present these recommendations at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.


Our colleagues from KPMG in Ukraine and representatives of other organizations also delivered presentations at the “green meeting”. Olena Makarenko, Head of Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, KPMG in Kiev, talked about the different types of sustainability reporting, and also shared her experience of creating the first sustainability report of KPMG in Ukraine. Svetlana Berzina, President of the Live Planet NGO, presented the governance systems and Green Office standards and also drew attention to the environmental effectiveness of marketing policies. The last but not the least was Evgeny Milovanov, Chairman of the Organic Federation of Ukraine, who talked about the benefits of organic products for health and the environment. During the break the participants in the meeting had a chance to taste organic juices, tea and strawberries.


KPMG in Ukraine plans to hold more “green meetings” for clients and partners. The topic of the next meeting is: “Sustainable procurement: assessment and control of suppliers. Is this a sprint or marathon?” The date of the meeting will be announced in due course. If you have any clients that might be interested in participating in this meeting, please contact Alina Sevastyuk or Anna Rzhontsova.

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