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Tax News, July 2015

Tax News, July 2015

July 2015


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In this issue:


  • Changes to the electronic VAT administration system
  • Ukraine-Ireland double tax treaty ratified
  • Changes to the recognition of input VAT as VAT credit
  • Tax clarification regarding recently introduced amendments to the electronic VAT administration system
  • Tax clarification regarding amendments to the procedure of completion of VAT invoices
  • Tax clarification regarding the treatment of recoverable VAT
  • Tax clarification regarding VAT refunds
  • Tax clarification regarding application of the reduced ratio to the unified social security tax liabilities by newly established entities
  • Tax clarification on the tax treatment of repaid financial aid in 2015
  • Tax clarification regarding penalties for failure to pay advance CIT installments
  • Tax clarification on issuing VAT invoices in loss-making transactions
  • Tax clarification on the use of funds erroneously transferred to the electronic VAT account


Find the full issue here:


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