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Crimea: Western countries broadened the sanctions for businesses and investments in Crimea

Crimea: Western countries broadened the sanctions...

30 December 2014


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On 18 and 19 December 2014 the European Union, the United States and Canada broadened the sanctions on businesses and investment in Crimea. Since Ukrainian businesses in Crimea will be influenced by the European Union sanctions to the greatest extent, in this newsletter we will concentrate your attention on sanctions of the European Union.


Please find below brief review of provisions of the Resolution that intrudes certain prohibitions and restrictions on investing and financing business in Crimea as well as on certain other operations with the Crimean persons, in particular:

  • Investments and financing
  • Export of certain goods, technologies and supporting services.
  • Construction and engineering services regarding infrastructure in key sectors
  • Tourism
  • Prohibition to circumvent the prohibitions
  • Transition period and exceptions


Read the issue:

Legal Alert 30 December 2014 en.pdf (0.1 Mb)

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