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Pharma Bulletin, Issue 37, October 2014

Pharma Bulletin, Issue 37, October 2014

Issue 37, October 2014


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In this issue:

  • Lift of Ban on Certain Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Amendments regarding Re-registration and Circulation of Medicines in Ukraine
  • Entry into Force of the Procedure of Calculation of Marginal Wholesale Prices for Medicines and the Procedure of Registration of such Prices
  • Amendments to the Register of the Marginal Wholesale Prices for Anti-hypertensive Medicines
  • Extension of the List of Medical Products for Military First-Aid Kits
  • Clarification of VAT Treatment of the Supply and Import of Medical Products
  • Draft Law on Changes of VAT Rate and Maximum Allowable Sales Margin for Medicines and Medical Products
  • Draft Amendments to the Procedure of State Registration of Medicines
  • Draft Amendments to the Procedure of the State Registration of Medical Products


Find the full issue here:


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This Pharma Bulletin is not intended to be of an advisory nature, nor is it intended to be exhaustive or fully comprehensive. Its only purpose is to update the readers on the matters that we consider to be of interest for Pharma businesses.

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