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Bioenergy Regulation in Ukraine: Tax and Legal Overview

Bioenergy Regulation in Ukraine: Tax and Legal Ov...

KPMG in Ukraine presents Tax and Legal Overview of Bioenergy Regulation in Ukraine.


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Ukraine’s strategic energy policy is set out in the Energy Strategy of Ukraine up to 2030, the revised version of which was adopted in 2013. The new Strategy highlights the bioenergy sector for its prominent growth potential. The installed capacity of the Ukrainian bioenergy sector has been estimated at 1-1.5 GW of electricity and 10-15 GW of heat. Pellet burning and biogas collection from solid domestic waste landfills are considered as the most commercially viable activities in the Ukrainian bioenergy sector. The new Strategy underscores Ukraine’s potential to develop biofuel production (from cereal straw, unconditioned wheat and corn seed, etc).


The Government’s optimism for Ukraine’s bioenergy prospects is shared by international experts. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) selected production of energy from biomass as one of the three pilot industries within the framework of the Sector Competitiveness Strategy for Ukraine project.

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