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Pharma Bulletin, Issue 27, December 2013

Pharma Bulletin, Issue 27, December 2013

Pharma Bulletin, Issue 27, December 2013


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In this issue:


  • Amendments regarding Licensing Conditions for the Import of Medicines Came into Force
  • Permit for Use of Patented Invention Related to Medicine
  • Provision of Information for Public Procurement by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Draft Order on Issuing Prescriptions Using International Non-proprietary Names
  • Control over Maintenance of Level of Prices for Hypertensive Medicines withing the Scope of Pilot Project
  • Draft Amendments to Procedure of Control over Adherence to License Conditions of Producing and Trade in Pharmaceuticals
  • Draft Law on Prohibition of Visits of Medical Representatives
  • Draft Amendments to List of Medicines Which May Be Purchased by State-Financed Healthcare Institutions


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This Pharma Bulletin is not intended to be of an advisory nature, nor is it intended to be exhaustive or fully comprehensive. Its only purpose is to update the readers on the matters that we consider to be of interest for Pharma businesses.

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