Pharma Bulletin, Issue 21, June 2013

Pharma Bulletin, Issue 21, June 2013

Pharma Bulletin, Issue 21, June 2013


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In this issue:


  • Proposed amendments regarding the additional labeling of the external package of medicines
  • Methodological recommendations on conclusion of agreements on carrying out clinical trials of medicines
  • New Technical regulation for medical products is proposed
  • The MHU published a draft order on price calculations for medicines used for the treatment of hypertonic illnesses
  • Governmental draft resolution on implementing state price regulation for medicines used for the treatment of 2nd-type diabetes is agreed
  • Governmental draft resolution regarding the procurement of medicines and medical products under framework agreements is developed
  • Draft law on provision of “medical aid” and “medical service” definitions
  • Draft procedure for the termination of medicines licenses
  • National Bank of Ukraine lowered the prime interest rate
  • AMCU commenced comprehensive pharmaceutical market research on compliance with competition rules


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This Pharma Bulletin is not intended to be of an advisory nature, nor is it intended to be exhaustive or fully comprehensive. Its only purpose is to update the readers on the matters that we consider to be of interest for Pharma businesses.

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