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The new KPMG website

Welcome to the new KPMG website

Global business has become more complex, on demand, digitized, personalized and data driven.


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KPMG is committed to providing a simple, easy-to-use digital user experience that meets and exceeds the expectations and needs of everyone engaging with KPMG’s digital presence. Almost 100,000 people have provided us with their feedback on their site visit experience via a survey. We conducted extensive user experience research to develop a site with improved usability that helps visitors achieve their goals quickly and clearly. We have invested in the latest technologies to deliver new features and revamped the visual design.



Whether you are viewing this website on a tablet, smart phone, desktop, the site design adapts automatically to your device screen size – so now you can access KPMG insights and tools – such as the Tax rates tool – on the go.


Rich content classification combined with more powerful search features, facilitate discovery of content that is relevant to your needs. For example the type-ahead search feature is not just based on word stemming, but will present related concepts to you query, helping you discover and explore all relevant content. Related content suggestions, based on your preferences (future enhancement), provide easy access to information on the various KPMG country specific websites.


Incorporating features from its multi-award winning WEFLIVE website, the KPMG website will incorporate a range of social features including:

  • Social media dashboards – easily explore all KPMG content across several social media channels
  • Share content on social networks
  • Log into KPMG sites (and in future apps) with a single profile from a social media channel that you have an account for (e.g. LinkedIn) (future enhancement)
  • Share your thoughts via a reader’s comments section on many articles and reports (future enhancement)
  • Discuss key issues with KPMG leaders via blogs (future enhancement)

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