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Industrial Markets

Industrial Markets

KPMG's Industrial Markets practice is co-ordinated on an international basis to foster cohesion and consistency.

KPMG's Industrial Markets practice is co-ordinated....


KPMG's Industrial Markets practice understands that technology has transformed the industry and the results are that manufacturers and suppliers will face challenges as their industry undergoes fundamental changes. To remain leaders, they need to anticipate their customers' wants and needs.

KPMG's services for industrial markets are aligned to support our clients with the principal issue of shareholder value. KPMG helps its industrial clients demonstrate to their shareholders that they offer a competitive rate of return through growth, added value and cost control.

To better utilize resources and experiences, we have divided our Industrial Markets clients into the following key industry sectors:

  • Industrial Products
  • Automotive Products
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy & Natural Resources

How we can help?

KPMG’s approach is to help ensure a wide multi-functional understanding of the client's business and their environment. Then to apply the relevant skills that can make the most difference to support clients in their search for improved operational effectiveness.

We offer customized, industry-focused services across three main functions - Audit, Tax and Advisory services. Through the KPMG International organization, we are able to use the skills of industry-trained and highly qualified professionals to focus on your company's specific needs.

Our industry professionals help clients respond to, and manage, contemporary business issues.

  • Domestic industry rationalization: from driving mergers and
    acquisitions (M&A) through to financial due diligence and data room
  • Profitability and cost reduction initiatives: from working
    capital improvements through to revenue audit and tax.
  • Earnings transparency and compliance: from corporate governance
    through to KPMG's Performance Insight and financial statement audit.
  • Risks and performance drivers: from enterprise risk management
    through to internal audit services.
  • Innovation and research: from R&D concession enhancement
    through to intellectual property security.
  • Emissions and environment: from greenhouse gas advisory through
    to sustainability and ethics.
  • Tax reform process: from GST process evaluation through to
    consolidations and transfer pricing.

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