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Trusted analytics

Trusted analytics

Trust your analytics. Make more confident business decisions.

Critical concepts of trust underpin analytics.

Trusted analytics

Nearly 60 percent of today’s CEOs say they don’t have a high level of trust in their data and analytics accuracy.* It’s time to focus on trusted analytics.

Today, complex analytics underpin many important decisions that affect us as individuals, as businesses and as societies. With so much riding on the output of data and analytics, significant questions are now emerging about the trust placed in the data, the analytics and the controls that underwrite a new way of making decisions.

How do we know a result is right or that automated decisions are doing the right thing? What does “right” really mean and to what extent does it matter? And who should be the judge? As analytics goes mainstream, questions surrounding trust will continue to evolve – not only across most sectors, but also for regulators, policymakers and those who safeguard consumer rights.

KPMG’s global network of professionals knows that concepts of trust underpin all data and analytics, and accordingly, our Trusted Analytics article series seeks to explore and evolve key trust concepts critical to organizations and consumers as they integrate D&A into their daily decision-making.

Please read the articles, join the conversation on LinkedIn or on Twitter (@KPMG#trustedanalytics), and help unlock the benefits of trusted analytics.

* CEO Outlook, KPMG International 2016

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