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At Risk Magazine 2016

At Risk Magazine

This edition of At Risk Magazine focus on managing and enhancing your Cyber Security, Data & Analytics and ERM programs to drive growth.

Manage and enhance your Cyber Security, Data & Analytics and ERM programs to drive growth.

Tools for turning risks into opportunities

As we head towards 2017, it is clear that the pace of change is not yielding. Organizations acknowledge the need to transform and the right approach to risk management can turn disruption into competitive advantage.


Mandatory breach reporting

Canadian organizations will soon be mandated by law to report cyber data breaches that cause significant harm to affected parties and regulators. What should they consider in order to minimize reputational damage and litigation? Read more in the article about how to prepare.


Get Protected

As organizations are bracing for increased scrutiny, the time is ripe to conduct a complete assessment of their cyber security systems. Learn more about what it means to be cyber defensible.


Reap dividends from data & analytics

Valuable tips to help organizations harvest more value from their data and develop the capabilities to grow in a data-driven marketplace. Explore the 4 pillars of D&A maturity to heighten your competitive position.


Gain more value from your Enterprise Risk Management investments

Rather than focusing solely on monitoring and managing risks, leverage existing ERM programs to track ‘signals’ of new opportunities and generate more value. Find out more about enhancing your ERM investments in the article.


As you consider the issues in this edition of At Risk, feel free to reach out to us or your KPMG advisor to discuss how we can assist you in managing risks to drive growth.

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