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KPMG Financial Executive Search

KPMG Financial Executive Search

Successful business needs the right people. KPMG experts can help you identify the right financial professional for your company.

Successful business needs the right people.

KPMG Financial Executive Search (FES) exists  to help our clients with the identification and selection of the best candidates for their business’ finance functions. 

When this service might be of interest to you?
  • Your current financial manager is leaving the company and you need an immediate replacement
  • You are setting up a new company or expanding current operations in Slovakia and you need to hire a reliable financial manager/team
  • Your financial team is in need of a specific analytical or technical skillset (e.g. financial reporting, tax optimization, risk management, valuation and financial management

What we offer?

  • Executive Search – discreet, in-depth search utilizing KPMG networks and finance knowledge to locate and approach suitable candidates. Integrity and confidentiality are always our highest priorities. 
  • Pre-Employment Screening – vetting of candidates for executive positions. We reconcile résumé details, obtain references from former employers and analyze public profile information.


Leasing of Financial Professionals

Lack of staff can occur regardless of how carefully you schedule your HR pipeline. Hiring of temporary staff can eliminate the need to appoint a permanent resource for a position that is not required all year-round. 

Therefore we offer our clients leasing of qualified KPMG employees for a pre-agreed time period and scope of work.

When this service might be interesting for you?

  • Regular employee absences, e.g. maternity or sick leave 
  • Immediate staff fill-in while looking for a permanent employee
  • Large projects with a temporary need for additional staff support
  • Specific seasonal demands which require temporary staff support
  • Need of finance experts with specialized skillsets for a temporary time period
  • In case of restrictions on permanent headcount

What we  offer?

  • Unique combination of skills with experience in analytics, accounting, financial and management reporting, financial modelling, tax, legal services and others
  • Compliance with the latest legislation, reporting and regulatory requirements;
  • Integrity, discretion and confidentiality


If you are interested in any position, please contact Lygia Fullbrook.

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