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What are the CEOs growth expectations in 2017?

What are the CEOs growth expectations in 2017?

Business leaders in Central & Eastern Europe, including Slovakia, are less optimistic regarding the GDP growth in 2017, but there is no indication of downturn.


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Business confidence remains positive

According to regular KPMG survey among CEOs from the CEE region Pulse of Economy, the share of respondents who believe that the economic situation will improve has fallen from last year´s 51% to 44%.  The overall sentiment is satisfactory as 34% do not foresee any particular changes and only 22% expect worse times ahead. 

Slovak CEOs share the same view on the economic situation, with 41% expecting improvement and 38% thinking that it will remain the same. 

Companies planning to increase headcount in near future

40% of companies in CEE are planning to increase headcount during the next 12 months, slightly up from last year´s 36%. The biggest optimism is among the managers from Romania and Bulgaria. Only 13% expect staff number to fall, most strongly in Croatia and in Poland. Any notable changes in employee numbers in the short term do not plan 48% respondents. 

Unchanged headcount expects half of the CEOs from Slovakia. Views in favor of increasing staff expressed 39% of respondents, while decreasing anticipate 10% of respondents.

By sector, 68% of respondents in IT admit they intend to hire, but that sentiment is not the same in banking or energy sectors. About one-third in the insurance sector plan to reduce staff. 

According to Global CEO Outlook, global business leaders expect to hire more actively in the short-term than their counterparts in CEE. Views in favor of increasing staff expressed 61% of respondents. Decreasing headcount would be a very rare occurrence in the next 12 months. 

Regional business leaders are most concerned about regulation, global about cyber security

Business leaders also identified risks they are most concerned about and results showed major difference between the perception of the CEE and global respondents. While 45% of regional CEOs link their major concerns with regulatory risks, global with cyber security. 

Slovak respondents share the same opinion as the rest of regional leaders. After regulatory they are most concerned with operational, talent and strategic risks.

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