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In Search of...

In Search of...

A comprehensive assessment of healthcare systems across the globe

A comprehensive assessment of healthcare systems across the globe

In Search of the Perfect Health System is the first book to comprehensively examine healthcare systems across the globe in order to answer the all-important question: what does the ‘perfect’ health system look like?

Chairman and Partner of the Global Health Practice at KPMG International and author of In Search of the Perfect Health System, Dr Mark Britnell has spent more than 20 years working with public and private healthcare organizations, travelling to over 60 countries on nearly 200 occasions. Combining the heart and passion of a healthcare professional and patient, with the head of a man leading a successful global enterprise, Britnell has learned first-hand what makes a healthcare system work – and what doesn’t. 

Reflecting the diversity of its subject matter, Britnell focuses on compelling case studies of countries whose healthcare systems offer inspiration and insight for the rest of the world. With an insider’s acumen, Britnell explores how elements of healthcare systems as diverse as those found in India, South Africa and Singapore can contribute to meeting the global healthcare challenge, demonstrating how collaboration on a global scale can tackle these challenges.

Each of the 25 countries is put under the microscope revealing the different ways nations respond to the healthcare challenges faced today. From the UK’s struggle with competition in the NHS to the rise of universal healthcare in the US; from the ticking time-bomb of Japan’s ageing population to the Nordics’ early-years health education, the book is a timely and well-informed examination of the best – and worst – examples of healthcare from around the world.

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What does the ‘perfect’ health system look like?

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Inside the book

Inside the book 25 countries are put under the microscope revealing the different...

Mark Britnell - About the author

Video - About the author

Mark Britnell is one of the foremost global experts on healthcare systems and has a pioneering and inspiring global vision for health in both the developed and developing world. Mark has dedicated his entire professional life to healthcare and has led organizations at local, regional, national and global levels – provider and payer, public and private.

Mark Britnell - About the book

Video - About the book

Each of the 25 country chapters puts a particular system under the microscope, revealing the different ways nations respond to the healthcare challenges faced today.