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NEW IFRS 16 Standard - seminar

All important novelties

23 November 2018, 8:30AM - 2:15PM, CET Ljubljana, Slovenia

NEW IFRS 16 Standard - Seminar

IFRS 16 brings a number of important novelties for ​​accounting and financial statements.



This seminar is suitable for all companies that, in accordance with changes in the lease field under IFRS 16, will prepare the financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as those companies that will prepare the financial statements according to the amended SRS 2016.

The standard also introduces novelties of leasing definition, which means that it can be interesting for companies that until now had no operational and financial leases in their financial statements. The seminar will present the essential features of the new IFRS 16, as well as more detailed features on practical cases and IT solutions for evaluating leases.

With special focus to the transition to new standards that allow a number of different options that will have a significant impact on the financial statements at the time of transition, as well as on the financial statements in the future. The seminar is important both for accountants, as well as for financiers and others who will encounter leases for their work.


Dusan Hartman, Certified Auditor, Director at KPMG Slovenija d.o.o. Dušan has over 25 years of experience in auditing and is also a member of the expert council of the Slovenian Institute of Auditors and a member of the commission for the preparation of the SRS. Among other things, he participated in the preparation of changes to the new SRS 2016 related to leases.

Damjan Ahčin, FCCA, Certified Auditor, Director at KPMG Slovenija, doo Damjan is employed at the KPMG as a Professional Director. He specialized in the field of insurance, where he participated both in audit and consulting projects (diligent examinations, advisory role in valuations of insurance companies, KPI dashboard design). In addition to the insurance sector, Damjan also covers the financial sector and telecommunications. He led seminars on the subject of IFRS 15 and 17.

Metka Sedej, ACCA, certified auditor, and an experienced auditor in external audits in various industries and due dilligence projects. Metka also has experience in internal auditing in an international corporation in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). In September she presented the proposed amendments to the JRC, which relate to the leases.

Matjaž Pušnik, PRIS, CISA, CRISC is the head of the IT consulting department and has over 15 years of experience in highly demanding domestic and international business and IT environments in the field of IT consulting and information system audit. He examined various IT systems for renting and lecturing in the field of IT systems for leases.


8.30 9.00 Arrival and Registration
9.00 10.30 IFRS 16 - Significant emphasis on the new standard
    Important consequences of the new standard
    All that we have to know about the new standard
10.30 10.45 Coffee Break
10.45 12.15 All that we have to know about the new standard part 2
    Practical examples
12.15 12.30 Coffee Break
12.30 14.15 Practical examples part 2
    Transition to IFRS 16 with practical examples
    SRS releted changes - leases
    IT solutions in valuation of leases


KPMG in Slovenia, Železna cesta 8a, Ljubljana.Application & Participation fee:Fee for 1 person is 180 EUR + VAT,

additional participant from the same company 162 EUR + VAT.Send the application form on kpmg.lj@kpmg.si Application deadline is November 20 th. 

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