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Advanced - Sustained & Enhanced

Advanced - Sustained & Enhanced

We bring on-board experts from across all industries who bring that necessary insight and benchmark to bring relevance and to you.

We bring on-board experts from across all industries who bring that necessary insight

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) should remain relevant and effective as a 'business as usual' process that is integrated in the day-to-day activities and core organizational processes. This allows organizations to efficiently and effectively adapt to the rapidly changing internal and external environment. As such, organizations need to put in place a sustainable framework for the continuous review and improvement of ERM framework and practices.


How we can help

ERM Transformation

  • Redefine and enhance/transform existing ERM programs


ERM Quality Performance Review

  • Establish gaps and areas of improvement in existing ERM practices
  • Benchmark existing ERM practices to leading practices within similar industry/operations
  • Risk audits


Success Stories

  • Performed a desktop review of the risk management policies and practices against industry best practices for a number of clients within both public and private sector. This included the frequency and quality of risk reporting, use of risk information, etc.
  • Designed and conducted a performance and quality review of ERM program, based on better practices for one of the statutory boards.
  • Reviewed the risk governance structure, including Terms of Reference, roles and responsibilities, existence of the appropriate committees, etc. for one of the largest port operators in Singapore.

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