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IT Assurance Services

IT Assurance Services

Help you assess, manage, and remediate IT-related risks

Help you assess, manage, and remediate IT-related risks

Today’s organizations face increased oversight pressures and mounting challenges from an ever-evolving regulatory environment. The balancing act between managing new and persistent risks and fulfilling business priorities of revenue growth and cost savings are putting a strain on limited resources.

In the face of these challenges, managing IT risk and compliance has become even more critical as IT failures can lead to reputational damage, customer and market valuation loss, and an increase in privacy issues and high-profile legal exposure. It is therefore crucial for businesses to enhance their IT controls in order to manage these risks appropriately and function reliably.


How we can help:

KPMG’s IT Assurance professionals appreciate that beyond managing IT-related risks, organizations are also looking to turn risks into opportunities to drive sustainable business value. We can help you assess, manage, and remediate IT-related risks as well as develop approaches to demonstrate effective IT compliance through governance and controls, data integrity, security and privacy, and supplier management. For example, we can help your organization:

  • gain efficiency in audit and compliance activities
  • provide confidence to the market with transparency of control environment
  • understand IT risks and the impact on the business
  • evaluate IT projects to identify key threats to project success
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT-enabled business processes and controls
  • assure performance of outsourced service providers
  • assess the readiness of emergency action plans to address IT incidents

We have a team of experienced professionals who can provide an accurate and independent assessment of your IT control environment and assist in mitigating possible technology risks.

Our key services include:

  • IT attestation: Providing formal assurance reports on systems, processes and controls. This includes reports issued under both local and international standards such as ISAE 3402 (Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization), and others.
  • Evidence Act: We are a Certifying Authority appointed by Ministry of Law under the Evidence (Computer Output) Regulations 1996 for Singapore and are qualified to provide Evidence Act assessment and certification services. More info.
  • IT internal audit: Providing specialist IT skills to complement internal audit teams. 
  • Independent project assurance: Providing an independent assessment on the status and readiness of your critical IT projects before go-live, which helps to increase stakeholder confidence and allows for early identification of risks.
  • IT risk assessment: Guiding senior management through a structured risk assessment process, so that resources are prioritized to address the highest technology risk areas first.
  • Data analytics for audit: Translating data structures and relationships for internal and external audit teams so as to provide analyses, re-computations, anomaly/outlier detection and calculations in support of the audit process.
  • IT policy and procedures – gap analysis and development: Assessment of your IT policies and procedures to determine any gaps in applicability to current and/or emerging IT environments/business models such as: outsourcing, cloud services, shared services, mobile, offshoring, BYOD.
  • Assessment of IT controls for financial statements audit/SOX: Assessing IT controls risk and dealing with complex technology topics in support of financial statement audits. Our teams are also familiar with the requirements of reporting under Section 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) for SEC registrants.


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