We are One

We are One

For KPMG, creating an inclusive culture where all our people achieve their potential is critical if we are to deliver the solutions clients need.


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In KPMG Singapore, the number of employees was more than 2,700. This is a staff increase of 11 percent as compared to the previous year, in line with the firm’s growth. Most of our employees are permanent hires (97 percent), while the remaining are contract employees. The overall ratio of female to male employees is 55% to 45%. 

The above diagram shows the breakdown of male and female employees across different grades. KPMG has committed to meet the global target of 25 percent of female partners and aim for one-third women slate for director and above. We have met the targets with 28 percent of female partners and 35 percent of women for directors and above. 

At KPMG, we recruit people across all levels, from fresh graduates to experienced hires, with the majority of our people below 30 years old. Given the significant and vast experience required in KPMG’s governance body, 56 percent of the Operations Committee is between 30 and 50 years of age, while the rest are above 50. 

All the members of the Operations Committee are hired within the local community, and comprise 10 males and 2 females. The minority group is represented by approximately 11 percent of the Operations Committee, which is a similar proportion to that for the whole firm.


*Figures are accurate as of December 2015. 

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