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Spend Management Solution

Spend Management Solution

Transforming the way you manage and optimize spend with real-time spend visibility and analytics-powered insights.

Transforming the way you manage and optimize spend with real-time spend visibility.

The cost of doing business is on the rise. With third party expenditures generally ranging from 20 to 50 percent of revenue, the ability to proactively manage spend across the enterprise is essential to controlling costs and making a sustainable impact on profitability. 

Clear and detailed visibility of spend data is the starting point for understanding spending decisions and behaviors. However, many organizations grapple with the challenges of limited spend visibility and transparency as well as the inability to identify and execute spend optimization opportunities beyond the "low-hanging" fruits. 

KPMG’s Spend Management Solution combines advanced analytics capabilities with industry specific category expertise to provide you with an enterprise-wide view of third-party spend, allowing you to optimize spend and deliver value at speed.

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The Spend Management Solution delivers value at speed with rapid mobilization and minimal upfront investment.

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Imagine complete spend visibility anytime, anywhere.

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A technology-powered spend optimization and transformation journey to deliver sustainable cost savings.

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"Future-proof procurement" – a study by KPMG and Florida State University

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