IT Service Management

IT Service Management

KPMG utilizes the ServiceNow platform to help enterprises find and sustain value from IT spending.


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Leading organizations understand that their IT service management (ITSM) capabilities must transform to meet increasing levels of complexity in their service delivery models. In addition, cloud services are also changing the way technology is delivered to the business. 

KPMG utilizes the ServiceNow platform to help enterprises find and sustain value from IT spending.

ServiceNow’s leading Service Management (SM) technology platform complements our recognized capabilities in aligning IT to business needs across all phases of an initiative’s life-cycle: planning, process design, implementation, and deployment, including organizational change management and continuous improvement programs.

ServiceNow ‘out-of-the-box’ provides a breadth of capability. KPMG adds depth to this, augmenting the technology with KPMG best practices, including:

  • KPMG ServiceNow roadmap definition 
  • KPMG reference processes for service management 
  • KPMG ‘Gold Build’, a set of pre-developed service management applications, data model 
  • Digital training
  • KPMG Kascade, an automated testing suite of applications that reduces test-cycle time and offers ongoing regression testing capability

KPMG’s differentiated solutions on the ServiceNow platform include:

  • Service catalog factory and enhanced user experience
  • IT asset management
  • Enterprise service management
  • Service integration and management (SIAM)
  • ON:Board (Employee on-boarding solution)
  • IT governance, risk and compliance (ITGRC)
  • KPMG Enterprise Services, a state-of-the-art solution designed to fundamentally change the consumer experience for users of corporate services 

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