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Astrus: Deeper insights

Astrus: Deeper insights

In a world of new and evolving business risks, Astrus helps organizations engage in third-party partnerships with increased confidence.


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Astrus is designed to deliver unique insights into third-party risk. In part, that is because Astrus incorporates a wide range of sources and technologies to achieve deeper analysis.

But it’s also because reports are reviewed by KPMG’s network of market-savvy Forensic professionals who strive to ensure that only the most valuable third-party risk information is being delivered to decision-makers. Moreover, the tool has already been used to conduct  thousands of integrity due diligence reports, resulting in a deep archive of Astrus -proprietary understanding, analysis and insights into third-parties around the globe.

And by combining Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence Reports with Astrus Monitoring, KPMG helps organizations achieve timely insights to help them navigate a constantly changing third-party risk environment.

Leveraging the extensive reach of Astrus , KPMG conducted a review of more than 8,000 Enhanced Due Diligence reports to uncover wider trends and insights related to third-party risk.

Key highlights of the review include:

  • 90 percent of all Enhanced Due Diligence reports identify some kind of risk that warrants further review.
  • 23 percent of Enhanced Due Diligence reports highlighted significant integrity risks. 
  • A high percentage of identified integrity and reputational issues centered around the natural persons involved in a company – owners, management or directors. 
  • The Financial Services sector is the most exposed of any industry to the threats of fraud, insider trading, negligence and bankruptcy.
  • Bribery and corruption are the most common risks identified across all industry sectors.

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