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Audit Committee Institute (ACI)

Audit Committee Institute (ACI)

The ACI offers thought leadership on trends & current topics which would interest audit committees.

The ACI offers thought leadership on trends & current topics

Recognizing the importance of audit committees, the KPMG Audit Committee Institute (ACI) provides audit committee members and members of boards with a resource to help them keep up to date on current and emerging issues.

The ACI provides a range of resources including publications, topical forums, seminars and roundtables to host the exchange of views and insights on audit committee leading practices and processes, and other topics of interest to members of boards and audit committees.


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Audit Committee Hot Topics

Topical insights for Audit Committees.

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Audit Committee Priorities and Protocols

Questions and considerations designed to spark robust audit committee discussions with management and auditors.

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Financial Reporting and External Audit

Key considerations for Audit Committees around matters on their external auditors and financial reporting.

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Risk Management

Research and insights into risk management.

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Internal Audit

Findings and perspectives on issues around Internal Audit.

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Corporate Governance

Staying abreast of the changes and implications

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KPMG Global ACI Insights

The latest insights and developments regarding the audit committee’s roles.

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ACI Global Boardroom Insights

Global publication series on the key challenges and priorities shaping audit committee and board agendas.

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Audit Committee Guides, Tools and Templates

Guides and tools to help audit committees with the preparation of their policies and procedures

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Key local and global contacts from the KPMG ACI network.

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