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Beyond the Law: General Counsel Report 2012

Beyond the Law: General Counsel Report 2012

KPMG survey reveals that GC are being called upon to play a greater role in the running of companies, particularly in the management of risk.


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General Counsel Survey 2012

Business Models are changing and becoming more complex and more global. At the same time the more intrusive and prescriptive legal and regulatory environment which has grown from the global economic crisis is driving how businesses operate and the decisions they make.

With this context in mind, KPMG commissioned its first Global General Counsel Survey in 2012 with a view to finding out how GC in major businesses are developing into business decision-makers, to gauge the progress they have made thus far, and to identify their greatest challenges.

A total of 320 GC covering the major industry sectors and representing 32 different countries took part in the survey which covered key areas including their relationships with their respective Boards, regulatory challenges, managing disputes, the changing risk environment, and, finally, in-house legal team structures and budgets.

Results reinforce our view that today’s tough business environment is forcing GC to move up the corporate ladder but that this journey is by no means complete.

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