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Financial Reporting Matters 2005

Financial Reporting Matters 2005

KPMG's Financial Reporting Matters is a newsletter that aims to keep you informed on financial reporting developments in Singapore and internationally.


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Financial Reporting Matters 2005


  • Issue 9 (PDF, 132KB)
    This issue provides a quick reference for all current and future changes in financial reporting standards and changes in legislation and regulations that impact on financial reporting.


  • Issue 8 (PDF, 89KB) 
    This issue explains the significance and impact of the new interpretation, INT FRS 104 Determining whether an Arrangement contains a Lease, and highlights proposals in the latest exposure drafts relating to business combinations, consolidation and provisions.


  • Issue 7 (PDF, 103KB) 
    This issue continues with the financial reporting implications of the Companies Amendment Act 2005 and discusses the impact on the assessment of impairment for receivables following the implementation of FRS 39 from 1 January 2005. This issue also covers the changes in the Code of Corporate Governance 2005 and Singapore Exchangeís recent proposed amendments to the listing rules.


  • Issue 6 (PDF, 129KB) 
    This issue provides an overview of the key changes introduced by FRS 40 Investment Property, as well as a summary of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2005 with a focus on the implications of shares with no par value.


  • Issue 5 (PDF, 123KB) 
    This edition continues with our discussion on business combinations, focusing on step acquisitions, accounting for a business combination using provisional amounts and reverse acquisitions. We also introduce draft international interpretations that will affect entities applying IAS 11 Construction Contracts in recognising revenue.


  • Issue 4 (PDF, 104KB) 
    In this edition, we discuss some challenges that may be encountered in applying the latest standard on business combinations. Also highlighted are recent developments in the international financial reporting arena that may be of interest to Singapore companies.


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