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Strategic Selling Techniques

The St. Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911

12 June 2018, 9:00AM - 5:30PM, SGT


At KPMG, we have global experience in maximising selling effectiveness and developing tools to assist all facets of client interaction. In today’s competitive corporate world, staff need effective selling techniques to achieve strong results, even if they are not natural 'born salespeople'.

This interactive one-day workshop will address the way your staff interact with your clients and how to maximise the outcomes of client interactions. The aim is not to change the individual’s selling style; we will strive to demonstrate approaches to meetings, discussions, sales objectives and target opportunities that will have the most effective results. We will analyse aspects of meetings and how to present more effectively, as well as how to follow-up and delivery on stated milestones and requirements.  

We will use exercises to uncover how clients perceive your company and your own personal selling style, and review the way in which sales staff approach a new opportunity, or try to uncover a need that the client may have. Hands-on exercises include examining the individual’s sales approach in areas such as questioning, listening and cold-calling.


Seminar highlights

  • Account Planning; being prepared for a meeting with a client is vital and can be the difference between success and failure. What planning needs to be done? We will focus on the preliminaries to maximise the chance of success
  • Who to Meet & When?; Entry strategy is important – who are the decision-makers, when should we meet them and who should attend? Who do we need to influence at the client-level to improve our chances and perception?
  • What to Say?; Participants will engage in simulations of client meetings to work out the most effective way to use questions, and prepared material, to uncover what the client really wants, rather than what the salesperson wants to sell. Client engagement is a powerful means to achieving the sale
  • Finishing & Follow-Up; Knowing when and how to conclude a meeting is vital, with suitable summary and follow-up action points to ensure everybody is on the same page

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Directors from KPMG’s Singapore team who have substantial experience of sales processes and techniques, and knowledge of how to maximise a sales call without falling into common human dead-ends and traps.


Who should attend

This workshop is directed at front-line staff with sales responsibilities, as well as operations staff with frequent client interaction and the potential to turn regular contact into meaningful new business.

Corporate & Banking professionals with exposure to clients on a regular or semi-regular basis, particularly those with sales targets to achieve or a real opportunity to turn regular contact into meaningful new business.

Business owners from small and medium size organisations.


We hope you are able to join us, and look forward to meeting you.


Course fees* 

KPMG Client / Alumni: $580

Public: $650

*The fee is inclusive of GST at the prevailing rate, course materials, lunch and refreshments. 


Group discount 

10% discount applies to three or more participants from the same organisation registering for the course.



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