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Internet Investigation & Digital Forensic

KPMG Cyber Lab, 16 Raffles Quay, Level 3, Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581

11 July 2018 - 13 July 2018, 9:00AM - 5:30PM, SGT

Course Highlights

- Develop an understanding of the functions of Domain Name and Internet Protocol

- Ability to obtain internet registry information of an IP address using available online tools

- Develop an understanding of anonymising techniques

- Gain advanced search techniques so that you can trawl the internet for information more effectively

- Learn how an adversary can hide data from you

- Learn how to identify and handle electronic data



Understand Internet Protocols and Investigating it 

To be able to undertake investigation data from the internet, it is essential to understand the various internet protocols.  By developing a better understanding you will be able to be more effective and efficient in performing an investigation. 


Getting the Right Techniques for Handling Digital Evidence

Digital evidence is prevalent in almost all investigation today.  It is essential to understand how to handle digital data as evidence. 

Discover best practices around developing data preservation of the common data storage devices.


Conducting an email investigation and using Open Source Intelligence

Email is one of the key communication methods in the business environment.  You will learn how email protocols work and how to perform email tracing. 

Open Source Intelligence (OSI) is essential in today's data rich environment.  You will learn where to obtain data relevant for intelligence or investigations purposes. 


Introduction to Advanced Cyber Investigation

The internet also comprises of an "underground" internet called Deep Web / Dark Net.  You will learn how to access them.  You will also obtain an introduction of the tools and techniques required for performing a malware analysis. 

Our adversaries will not make your tastk of investigating easier.  Learn the various ways that they can hide data from you. 


Course fees*


$1,500 per participant



$1,700 per participant

*The fee is inclusive of GST at the
prevailing rate, course materials, lunch and refreshments.



A 10% discount applies to three or more participants from the same organisation registering for the course.


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