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Procurement igNite

KPMG Clubhouse, 36 Robinson Road, #01-01 City House, Singapore 068877

13 June 2017 - 2 November 2017, 6:30PM - 8:30PM, SGT

Procurement igNite events aim to provide insights, tools and strategies to help Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) manage business issues and challenges. These events also present opportunities to facilitate exchanges and build a procurement community with like-minded peers and professionals in a casual setting. Each session has been developed with a keen consideration of thematic issues and will feature presentations by leading industry practitioners.


Event themes

Future – Emergence of the Digital CPO
13 June 2017
With the rapid emergence and evolution of new technologies, businesses have changed dramatically. The role of the CPO is also evolving to one that is increasingly digital, data-driven and requires innovative ideas and solutions. It is time to examine the future role of procurement and supply chain as a profession.


Digital – Blockchain and Cyber Security: What’s the big deal?
6 July 2017
The average procurement team handles thousands of pieces of data in a year. And with cyber attacks on the rise, procurement professionals cannot afford to ignore security as an issue. At the same time, blockchain technology has the potential to transform procurement as applications are layered onto a cloud-based, tamper-proof network. Can procurement professionals leverage cyber security and blockchain to build trust?


People – Talent in Procurement: What’s needed?
3 August 2017
Effective procurement professionals will need a blend of functional, personal and interpersonal skills. And with increasing complexity in the business landscape, procurement leaders need to build a ‘perfect’ team that collectively excels in every area. The first step in building that team is to understand the current and future needs of the business.


Technology – Augmented Intelligence: What you should know
7 September 2017
The development of Artificial Intelligence is making such rapid progress, that algorithms will soon take over a growing number of procurement tasks. AI promises to revolutionize procurement. It can help procurement identify duplicate suppliers and duplicate spend, and unearth ‘hidden’ spend. But it is where AI meets EI (Emotional Intelligence) that procurement professionals can maximize value.


Processes – Finance and Procurement: Where’s the love? 
5 October 2017
Finance and Procurement functions are in many ways linked closely and even inextricably, yet there has often been considerable tension between the two. Finance and Procurement should regard each other as partners, collaborating to contribute to a company's operational and financial performance objectives. To achieve that, Finance first needs to appreciate the wider purpose of Procurement and how Procurement can maintain and improve business performance.


People – Chief Value Officer: What’s possible
2 November 2017
Procurement is fast evolving into a more strategic and value generating function. As the global business landscape becomes increasingly competitive and complex, an opportunity exists for procurement professionals to drive real value for their organizations, and as a result, tangible competitive advantage.


This is a complimentary event. Participation is by-invitation-only. Please contact Li Chern to request for an invitation.


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