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Jasmine Yeong-Nathan

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan

Senior Associate, Management Consulting, National Bowler

Senior Associate, Management Consulting, National Bowler

Helping me achieve my PEAK

By Jasmine Yeong-Nathan

I sit on the Singapore National Olympics Council (SNOC) Athletes’ Commission, and we work to promote a conducive, supportive and sustainable environment to enable athletes in Singapore to achieve their potential, both within and outside of their sport.

One of the things we frequently hear from the athletes is that at the end of their sporting career, they are unsure of their plans and thoughts about what they can do next.

Sport Singapore (SportSG) has a department for athlete career management which includes the SPEX Career Scheme, which KPMG is a partner of. They prepare and help athletes for their career beyond their sport.

However, the transition from a sporting career to a professional career may not be an easy one; the skills that we have developed as sportsmen are applicable to the work force. However, we need to learn to tweak and apply them differently.

As a national bowler, I am aware of the need to build a career besides my sporting passion, so I am very grateful for the tremendous support that I’ve received, and am still receiving, from KPMG Singapore all these years.

My association with the firm started way back in 2009, when Rec Club Advisor Leong Kok Keong introduced the Programme for Elite Athletes in KPMG (PEAK). I was a polytechnic student then, and was very thankful to be offered this opportunity to have a part-time contract position within KPMG Singapore, and to be the pioneer athlete on the PEAK. Having this support meant that I didn’t have to worry too much about what I needed to do to establish a career, while trying to pursue my studies and my passion in competitive bowling.

Throughout my university days, the firm continued to support me with internship programmes, so when I graduated in 2013, it was the most natural thing to join as a full-time member of staff. I feel like I’ve grown up with KPMG.

Trying to work full-time while continuing to be a competitive bowler at the same time boils down to time management and prioritisation. There are lots of things that I have to forego, and having a social life is one of them. While my peers might be chilling out with a drink after work, I’m rushing off to training sessions.

So I work in the day, and train at night. A typical weekday for me goes like this: I wake up earlier to make some time for a gym session at least 3 times a week, then I head off to work. After work, I rush off for the bowling centre where training will take place from 6.30 pm and end between 9pm and 10pm. After that, I head home to finish up whatever work I have for the day, and the routine begins again.

This may sound taxing to some, but it’s something that I’ve grown to love. With my parents being sportsmen themselves, playing sports has been a large part of my life since childhood. I discovered my interest in bowling at 12, and really got into it at 17 when I got into the national team. Every time I step onto the lanes, I feel at home, and the adrenaline kicks in when it comes to competition, when it boils down to that crucial shot.

I spend most of my Saturdays training, and at SNOC Athletes’ Commission meetings, but I also make sure I take a break and catch up on whatever else that I did not have time for during the week.

What makes it great is that all my bosses have been extremely supportive in helping me chase my dreams of carving out a career for myself as a consultant, while continuing to bowl for Singapore. The People & Change team I work with in the Business Transformation practice are an awesome bunch.

My director, Miranda Lee, has been incredible in her support, through my trainings and requests for leave and sabbaticals to train for competitions. She has always been so passionate about the nation, and it has truly shown in the work she does as well as the support she has given me. And our new partner, Peta Latimer, is equally supportive with her constant words of encouragement for me to pursue my passion outside of work.

And I truly enjoy playing with our bowling team for the annual Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants Games. We have a great in-house bowling team, with teammates with great skills on the lanes – and we are way too humble about that!

This year, my bowling focus would be on the Asian Bowling Championships in September, and I’m definitely looking forward to competing in that.

Thank you KPMG for all the amazing support!

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan is a senior associate with Management Consulting’s Business Transformation practice. She is also on the Programme for Elite Athletes in Singapore, and a member of Singapore’s national bowling team.

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