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What to Expect

What to Expect

You can look forward to a rewarding career ahead when you join KPMG.

You can look forward to a rewarding career ahead when you join KPMG.

You can look forward to a rewarding career ahead when you join KPMG. You'll experience classroom and on-the-job training, coaching and ongoing performance development. Here’s how KPMG can be THE CHOICE:



No man is an island, so in KPMG, we believe strongly in teamwork. Our diverse teams of professionals work well together across Audit, Tax and Advisory on various projects. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall, so if you like being a team player, we want you!


Holistic Development

We groom you - both professionally and on the personal development front. Our focus on performance development means you decide how fast you wish to progress in your career. If you like being in the driver’s seat and have other interests, whether it is playing for the national team or taking up a new hobby, we will support you.



We use our skills, expertise, passion and resources to give back and make a difference in our community. Our comprehensive range of Corporate Citizenship programs include giving you up to 40 working hours a year off to volunteer with a charity of your choice. If you want to make an impact, we have the platforms to help you do so.


Social Activities

Lasting friendships have been forged at the KPMG Clubhouse and at events like Music Fest, Sports Day and Welcome Night, which are organized by our Recreation Club gives our staff a chance to let their hair down. If you are an individual who enjoys making new friends, we provide the means to help you stay engaged and involved.



From international secondments ranging from 3 to 24 months with our member firms across our global network, or a chance to work at a client’s, to donning the hat of a consultant, tax advisor or auditor – we open doors. If you desire opportunities and new experiences, we will help you get there.



We believe that everybody has something unique to contribute. In KPMG, our diverse talent pool of over 42 nationalities means we have a dynamic working environment with fresh perspectives and ideas. We practise fair employment and create an inclusive work environment for our staff. So if you enjoy diversity and have ideas to share, be part of us.



An open dialogue is more important to us than a downward message relay. To encourage an honest two-way conversation, we have open 360 feedback channels, an employee community forum and dedicated communication champions.


Evolving and Adapting

Perfection is not a state but a process. At KPMG, we keep our ears close to the ground and keep a keen eye on how the business world around us is evolving so as to remain agile and adapt our services to meet the changing demands of our clients. If you relish the challenge, join our dynamic team!

What are you waiting for? Make KPMG your choice.

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