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The role of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is evolving to one that is increasingly digital, data-driven and requires innovative ideas and solutions. To help navigate this new digital landscape, KPMG has launched an exciting new series of monthly networking events, Procurement igNite.

Procurement igNite events aim to provide insights, tools and strategies to help CPOs manage business issues and challenges. These events also present opportunities to facilitate exchanges and build a procurement community with like-minded peers and professionals in a casual setting. Each session has been developed with a keen consideration of thematic issues and will feature presentations by leading industry practitioners.

Finance and Procurement: Where’s the love?

Our next event discusses how Finance and Procurement can collaborate and contribute to a company's operational and financial performance objectives.

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ICYMI: Event recaps

Augmented Intelligence: What you should know

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Procurement Advisory

Driving procurement transformation, creating sustainable value.

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Spend Management

Advanced analytics solution to provide real-time spend visibility and drive spend optimization.

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Digital CFO

Insight series to equip CFOs and help them embrace technology amid changes driven by digital disruption.

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Digital labor in procurement: First steps to the future

Automation can speed the procurement process and free up resources for more value-adding work.

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Procurement in the Year 2035

What the future of procurement may look like.

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Missing link: Navigating the disruption risks of blockchain

Key blockchain risk considerations to both providers and users and how to navigate the coming disruption responsibly.

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