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Welcome new partners!

Welcome new partners!

Meet the newly-admitted partners and find out what they aim to achieve in their new roles.

Meet the newly-admitted partners and find out what they aim to achieve in their new roles.

Meet the newly-admitted partners and find out what they aim to achieve in their new roles. 

Source: Veritat Issue l 23 June 2014



Linda did two internships stint with KPMG during her undergraduate days, and after graduating from the Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Accountancy, she said it was a “natural decision” for her to join the firm. She spent two years brushing up her Mandarin while on a secondment to KPMG’s office in Shanghai. She is a 36-year-old ‘single mum’ to Pebble, her 11-year-old four-legged daughter, whom she adores. 

In her new role, she aims to strengthen our leading position in the real estate industry through winning new Audit and IPO (initial public offering) clients, and collaborating with other functions to capture Audit, Tax and Advisory opportunities. 

At the same time, she strives to be a good role model to inspire and groom KPMG staff.



The 44-year-old Singaporean started his career in KPMG with external audit in 1997 after graduating from an Australian university. He first put on his consultant hat during a two-year secondment to KPMG’s office in London. He has three children with Soh Ping: Nicole, 13; Nigel, 11; and Olivia, five. 

In his new role, he aims to focus on building and growing the service lines within Internal Audit Risk & Compliance (IARC), both in terms of revenue and people. He will be focusing more on business and product-development initiatives as well as client development work. The firm is defined by the type of people we have, hence he will also be looking forward to doing his part to bring in and retain talented individuals for our firm, as part of our Envy of All strategy.



The Australian, who turns 40 in July, is of Portugese-Dutch and Malaysian-Chinese heritage. He moved to Singapore in October 2004 to work for Deutsche Bank and joined KPMG’s Management Consulting (MC) team in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of IT degree from the University of Canberra in Australia. He also recently completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Manchester Business School in the UK. He has five children with Sharon:

Anastasia, 14; Natasha, 13; Lucas, 10; Katharina, nine; and little Gabriel, who was just born on 9 June this year. 

In his new role, he aims to I aim to support KPMG’s strategy to expand the MC practice across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and in particular, to help coach and groom the next generation of leaders in the fields of IT Risk Management & Transformation projects, which are his twin areas of interest.



Vincent joined KPMG in 1997 and left after three years, but rejoined in 2008 to lead the IFRS-IT (International Financial Reporting Standards) Conversion Service and to grow the Enterprise Resource Planning practice. He holds a Bachelor in Computer & Information Science from the National University of Singapore as well as an MBA from Manchester Business School. The 42-year-old Singaporean is married to Wendy. They have two daughters: Clarisse, who is seven, and Teresse, who is one-and-a half years old.

In his new role, he aims to focus on growing the IT Enablement Technology (ITET) practice in ASEAN, and expanding new service lines and new product capabilities in ITET. They have started with Software as-a-Service, also known as SaaS, and Business Analytics.

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