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Meet the new partners of 2015

Meet the new partners of 2015

Congratulations to the eleven who have been admitted to the partnership this year.

Congratulations to the eleven who have been admitted to the partnership this year.

Congratulations to the eleven who have been admitted to the partnership this year. Hear what they have to share about themselves and their vision for their new roles.

By Lim Wei Chean (Veritat 27 April, 15 June and 22 June 2015)



Adrian Loo
Adrian joined KPMG after obtaining his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ qualification in 2000. The 39-year old has two children, Adele, three, and Alden, three months, with wife Stephanie.

In my new role, I aim to... 
Continue strengthening the Audit practice so that we can continue to be the Clear Choice for our clients. I also look forward to working with people and developing talents. 

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Ang Fung Fung, Ronald Tay and Roger Tay whom I’ve worked closely with in recent years. They’ve been instrumental to his development, giving him many opportunities to stretch and grow professionally. There are also many colleagues who have inspired me with their energy and drive. 

Some people may not know that... 
I have an aversion to heights since young. It is ironic as I travel frequently for business. I am less sensitive to it now, but I would not contemplate sky diving as of now.


Chan Yen San
Yen San, 36, joined KPMG as an intern from Temasek Polytechnic in 1997. She joined the firm formally after receiving her Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ qualification. She has two boys, Jym Hon, nine, and Wayne Hon, five, with Ser Kian.

In my new role, I aim to...
Harness the strength of our Department of Professional Practice (DPP) team and sector experts to support the firm in growing market share. I also hope to build a leading DPP team to support the firm in claiming the space for technical excellence and leading the market in developing and embracing the next big thing in accounting and auditing, and to inspire, groom and retain talented staff. 

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Every partner, past and present, whom I have had the opportunity to work with. They inspire me with their unique strengths, while giving valuable advice and encouragement. 

Special thanks to Reinhard Klemmer, my immediate boss, for giving me ample opportunities to grow and training me to think beyond the scope of the technical standards. I am also extremely grateful to the many partners who have generously given me their support. And to our dedicated DPP team of managers and Wong Woon Ling, thanks for the great teamwork! 

Some people may not know that... 
I was once a basic cardiac life support instructor (volunteer) with the Singapore Medical Association. In sports, I used to be a discus thrower.


Gerard Toh
Gerard, 35, went to Nanyang Technological University on a KPMG Undergraduate Scholarship. The accountancy graduate was seconded to the London office for 18 months, during which, he and his wife, Melissa, became new parents. Their kids are Sophie, six, and Noah, four.

In my new role, I aim to... 
Build on existing and grow new service lines within the Audit practice as well as collaborate with Advisory and Tax to develop holistic solutions. I also intend to play an active role in the firm’s efforts to identify and nurture the next generation of leaders. 

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Everyone that I interact with (yes, including my juniors!) because I believe that there is always something to learn from everyone. Those who made the greatest impact are partners whom I closely work with, mainly Eng Chin Chin, Leong Kok Keong, Lee Sze Yeng, Jek Lim, Barry Lee, David Waller and Quek Shu Ping. They have inspired me in unique ways and I am grateful for the opportunities and guidance that I’ve received from them. 

Some people may not know that... 
I have a deep love for history and almost became a history teacher. I may still realise that dream. Don’t be surprised if you find me taking a history degree class with your kids in future!


Jeslyn Ang
With a Nanyang Technological University accountancy degree, Jeslyn said joining KPMG in 1999, one of the Big Six professional services firms then was the obvious choice to establish her career. The 39-year-old is married to Geoff. They have three children, Dylan, 11, Denise, nine, and Dexter, seven.

In my new role, I aim to... 
Build on the foundation of the Small Business Unit and to grow and expand it both in terms of revenue and people. My vision is to build a strong and stable team that will help KPMG establish a leading position in the small and medium-sized enterprises space. 

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
The many partners and colleagues whom I’ve worked with, especially Tan Lay Hua, who provided valuable guidance and gave me many opportunities to grow. Ang Fung Fung, Lee Sze Yeng and retired partner Yap Chee Meng are also my role models. They are always inspiring and caring throughout my career with the firm. 

Some people may not know that... 
Before my knee injury, I played and competed in many sports, ranging from basketball, netball, swimming, touch rugby, soccer and softball. Now that I cannot participate, I still follow these games regularly, especially the English Premier League. I’ve been a Manchester United fan for the past 27 years but I married a Liverpool fan!


Steven Goh
Since joining KPMG in 2006, Steven has actively contributed to the development of the Insurance Practice Group. He has been involved in many advisory engagements and client secondments, most notably for a 15-month full-time secondment to a top life insurer in Asia. The 41-year-old has a seven-year-old daughter, Erica, with Christine. 

In my new role, I aim to... 
Nurture the future leaders and help more to actualise their long-term career with KPMG. I aim to build on the capabilities of Financial Services business unit to deliver more integrated business solutions for clients and to get more of our people to gain exposure beyond financial audits.

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Lau Kam Yuen, who instilled in many of us the people-first mindset in whatever we do and a holistic approach to problem-solving. His enthusiasm and never-ending energy in pursuing different frontiers under the Assurance & Business Advisory Services practice is remarkable. 

The others who have made a difference are David Waller, Jeya Suppiah, Quek Shu Ping, Esther Bay and Frank Dubois. They have been a great inspiration by being great role models. 

Some people may not know that... 
I enjoyed songwriting and singing as a teenager. I was the chairman of the songwriting society in Nanyang Technological University, which marked its 20th competition/concert last year!


Victor Lim
Victor, 41, is a mechanical engineering graduate from Imperial College London. He also has a Master’s degree in management science and operational research, and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Audit work has taken him as far afield as US, Australia and China. 

In my new role, I aim to... 
Work more closely with colleagues from our Advisory and Tax departments to bring value to our clients as part of the OneKPMG family.

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Many of our firm’s partners. In my formative years, I received invaluable guidance and inspiration from partners like Eng Chin Chin, Lee Sze Yeng, Leong Kok Keong and Tan Lay Hua. Many more have provided their generous advice on specialised topics, including Roger Tay and Barry Lee in the area of capital markets, and Lo Mun Wai on real estate investment trusts.

Some people may not know that... 
In my spare time, I am quite the YouTube buff. I enjoy watching classic English comedies, catching up on latest trends in cars, learning a new song or trying out a new recipe.



Loy Chia
Loy graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University. The 46-year-old joined KPMG in 2014 after spending most of his career in investment banking and private equity.

In my new role, I aim to... 
Win and close more complex deals, including leveraged and mezzanine-type transactions, in the mid-market mergers and acquisitions (M&A) segment for which we are currently the market leader here in Singapore.

KPMG people who inspire me are... 
Satya Ramamurthy and Benjamin Ong, who have provided guidance with their experience and wealth of knowledge.

Some people may not know that... 
I was working and living in Manhattan, New York City, during the tragic 11 Sep 2001 terrorist attack. It gave me a better appreciation and perspective of the important things in life.


Sumit Punwani
Director Sumit Punwani will be based in Jakarta to intensify the M&A growth initiatives in Indonesia and Myanmar as a new partner. Sumit, who was with KPMG UK between 2005 and 2011, joined KPMG Singapore in February 2011. He was one of the early members of the M&A team, and has played a significant role in building up the practice in the Singapore firm. Sumit has more than 14 years of cross border deal experience across Europe, America and Asia Pacific.



Angelia Chew
Angelia is an economics and maths graduate started her journey as a customs and trade specialist with Sony after she graduated from National University of Singapore. In 2007, she took up a Master’s degree in International Customs Law and Administration. 

She has 20 years of experience in the trade and customs sector. Her mission is to fire up a new Trade and Customs practice in KPMG. “I think there is a lot of potential for us to grow our business in this area considering the number of Singapore headquartered companies with regional manufacturing and warehousing affiliates. I look forward to the challenge of establishing a name for KPMG in this area.” she added.


Tan Chee Wei
Chee Wei has come full circle, rejoining the firm after 12 years ago. Chee Wei was formerly a Tax Director with Singapore’s state-owned investment firm, Temasek Holdings, and brings with him 16 years of tax experience with specialisations in M&A tax advisory, financial services, private equity and hedge fund investments. His geographical coverage included that of North America and Asia during his 9-year stint with Temasek. 

In his new role, he will endeavour to work closely with the US and ASEAN firms to establish a “US to Singapore and ASEAN” corridor. He will seek to help US-based clients looking to expand and invest in ASEAN, using Singapore as a base. In addition, he is looking to support colleagues across Tax, Advisory and Audit given the tax experience and specialisations under his belt. “I’m really excited to be rejoining the firm. While I relish the opportunity to break new ground, I recognise that this is also a very challenging role that I’m assuming. It’s a role that will allow to really stretch myself. However, with KPMG’s wealth of resources, network and infrastructure to tap on, there is so much to look to. It’s good to be back.”



Leornie Quek
Both Leornie Quek and James Loh have been admitted as new partners in the MC (Management Consulting) practice for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region. They will both based in Jakarta to strengthen the practice’s presence in the Indonesian market. 

Leornie will help grow the firm’s interests in the Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) sector across ASEAN. She will also focus on procurement, supply chain and operations.

Leornie brings with her 15 years of professional experience in MC. Her expertise is largely in the areas of project management, business process analysis and re-engineering, change management and risk and controls advisory. Although focusing on the energy sector, Leornie has also helped clients from numerous sectors including government, real estate, hospitality, education, transportation, electronics, and financial.


James Loh
James, with his experience in financial risk management (FRM), internal audit and treasury management, will help drive growth in FRM while focusing on the financial services sector. 

James has experience in corporate governance, risk management, internal audit and mergers & acquisitions. He has also led process re-engineering, systems design and implementation, post acquisition integration and transformation projects that cut across markets.

Leornie and James were both in KPMG Singapore before joining the MC practice for ASEAN. 

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