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Management Consulting ASEAN turns 2

Management Consulting ASEAN turns 2

Adrian Harkin takes over as CEO; group integrates practices in 4 key markets

Adrian Harkin takes over as CEO; group integrates practices in 4 key markets

Adrian Harkin takes over as CEO; group integrates practices in 4 key markets

Source: (Veritat,31 August 2015)


The Management Consulting (MC) practice for KPMG in the ASEAN region (MC ASEAN) turns two this year. Under Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andrew Tinney, the practice recorded 20 percent growth in the first half of financial year 2015. It also marked a milestone with the integration of the MC arms in four key ASEAN markets – Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Combined, they are home to 68 percent of ASEAN’S total population; ASEAN has over 600 million consumers with fast-rising disposable income. 

From 1 Sep, MC ASEAN will have a new leader at the helm. Seconded global partner Adrian Harkin takes over as CEO from Andrew. Paying tribute to Andrew for his efforts, Adrian said: “What Andrew has achieved with MC ASEAN is phenomenal. Something this huge has never been done before within the network.”

In addition to growing the business and increasing bench strength, Andrew also championed strategic acquisitions capabilities. These included the acquisition of Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner Consulting, Towers Watson’s human resource service delivery practice, and the financial training programmes by Asia Pacific FI Training.

To support growing demand for its services across the region, MC ASEAN has set up a Strategic Delivery Centre in the Philippines. It will focus on providing engagement delivery capability to support all sectors. It will help shape the Shared Human Resources (staff utilisation and forecasting, workforce analytics) and Project Management Office discipline. A Learning & Development team will be responsible for developing a competency framework, specialist training and courseware. The centre will also be home to the ASEAN Travel Desk.


Leading Management Consulting ASEAN into the next lap

New Management Consulting ASEAN CEO Adrian Harkin looks at 5 key areas to take the practice forward

Partner Adrian Harkin takes over Management Consulting (MC) ASEAN on 1 Sep as its new chief executive officer (CEO). The Scotsman told Veritat he feels privileged that he has been entrusted with such a task. 

Veritat met Adrian to talk about his plans for MC ASEAN. He shared that under Andrew Tinney’s leadership, MC ASEAN has ventured where no one in the KPMG network has gone before. MC ASEAN has set ambitious growth targets and now operates as a single entity in multiple jurisdictions. Adrian said: “That’s huge. That’s something that has never been done before and the difficulty of pulling this together cannot be over-appreciated.”

When asked about his plans to take MC ASEAN into the next lap, Adrian sees himself focusing on five key areas. The first is what he calls ‘strategic honesty’. The leadership will meet this October to review its business in relation to market development. The end result, Adrian said, should be a renewed focus.

The second is to focus on teamwork and identify ways in which the practice can collaborate even more effectively across markets and with the wider KPMG network of member firms and professionals. He said: “We need to leverage on the strengths and connections of one another to charge ahead.”

His third area of focus is on people. He said: “In consultancy, we have no asset other than our people. So we need to invest in them and find ways of making our people more powerful in what we do.”

The fourth is to make an impact with the work MC ASEAN does. He said: “I want us to have conversations about the difference we are making with clients, explain what management consulting is really about, and how management consulting can help clients transform themselves. A lot of the conversations we need to be having with clients is about how we are making a difference.”

Operational discipline is the fifth area of focus. Adrian said he wants to ensure that there is lots of transparency in how MC ASEAN works.

The five focus areas, when successfully executed and sustained, could double the size and scale of the business and revenue in the coming three years, he said.

Adrian, who joined MC ASEAN as its head of Banking Transformation in 2014, has more than 30 years of experience, both as a banker and a consultant. He was the COO for RBS Corporate Bank in the 1990s, and also a banking consultant with the likes of IBM and PwC.

In KPMG, he was the global lead consulting partner for several global banks, including Barclays and RBS. He worked with all major UK banks on operational transformation, change function effectiveness, programme delivery, cost performance and regulatory change.

He worked with several other partners to build up the Banking Transformation practice in the London office from one worth US$28 million (S$39.21 million) to one that is worth over US$150 million eight years down. No stranger to the growth story, Adrian said he is delighted to helm a practice that has already achieved what was never achieved before.

And with ASEAN home to a region of over 600 million consumers with fast-rising disposable income, there is much potential for MC ASEAN to make a difference to clients with management consulting work that truly transforms the way they operate. He said: “With a really tight strategy, a team that performs highly, with talented people (focused) on the market and making a difference, and at the same time, having very tight operational discipline – I think if we can achieve all these, we should be in a very good place.” 

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