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Management Consulting

KPMG firms’ professionals are working with organizations that are already considering how to have the upper hand when recovery comes.

KPMG firms’ professionals are working with organizations that are already considering...

Today, we know better than ever how interconnected we are in the global economy. Recent years have seen rapid change in established and emerging markets, high levels of geopolitical risk affecting major economies, and the continued impact of a financial crisis that rippled around the world. No matter what country they call home, today’s businesses must operate in the wake of persistent and shifting global forces. From our work across the Kingdom with organisations large and small, private and public, we know Saudi enterprises and organisations are seeking greater value and new ways to transform in a rapidly changing environment and to realise new opportunities. We see this every day. We believe that by helping Saudi enterprises succeed, the public sector to improve and our communities to grow, our country will also succeed and prosper.

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