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HR Benchmarking

HR Benchmarking

Benchmark studies on HR management systems.

Benchmark studies on HR management systems

HR benchmarking is the comparison of quantitative and qualitative indicators that are drawn from a company’s HR management system with the same indicators from other companies.

Benchmarking is a handy tool for:

  • planning headcount and personnel costs;
  • assessing the effectiveness of HR management processes and the return on investment in human resources;
  • making decisions that optimize personnel costs.

Our experience

KPMG conducted three stages of HR Benchmarking from 2009-2011: the first stage used indicators drawn from the first half of 2009, the second from the second half of 2009 and the third from 2010. More than 80 leading Russian and foreign companies from different sectors of the economy participated in HR Benchmarking, and we analyzed more than 200 HR indicators. Each participant received a report which contains an analytical section, individualized spreadsheets with statistics, individualized benchmarks and their percentile rankings. In addition, we conducted a special study on the banking sector in 2010.

Participation in HR Benchmarking

Participation in HR Benchmarking is free. If you are interested in participating in the next stage of HR Benchmarking or in purchasing the report, please e-mail us at We would gladly welcome your company’s participation.


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