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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

KPMG specialists successfully solve the most complex tasks assigned by the management to the internal audit function

KPMG specialists solve the most complex tasks related to the internal audit function.

The role of the internal audit function is currently experiencing significant changes. With changes in economic policy, innovations and new technologies, dynamic development of statutory and regulatory requirements along with the increasing IT dependence, the Internal Audit Service should stop acting as the authority whose only task is to control the compliance of business processes.

The level of involvement of representatives of the Internal Audit Service in the management decision-making process as to important business and economic issues should be much higher, as they can inform the company leaders of excessive and unjustified risks and propose measures aimed at steady improvement of internal control systems. Application of global best practice will add significant value to the Internal Audit recommendations and provide company leaders with the confidence in achieving the desired result.

KPMG specialists successfully solve the most complex tasks assigned by the management to the internal audit function. We use a unique approach based on our global experience in setting up an internal audit function, ongoing communication with the Institute of Internal Auditors and detailed analysis of each individual case. Our priority is quality and individual solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Independent external reviews of internal audit performance;
  • Analysis of the internal audit function;
  • Creation of the Internal Audit Service;
  • Determination of specific functions and areas of activity of the internal audit function based on external requirements, current state of the company’s internal controls and expectations of the management.
  • Full scope of internal audit functions performed by KPMG advisors, implementation of joint projects between the Internal Audit Service and KPMG advisors;
  • Training of employees of the Internal Audit Internal Audit Service to transfer necessary professional knowledge and technical skills.

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