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All actuarial services

All actuarial services

The team caters to most practice areas and delivers services across a range of engagements, from audit support to support in insurance

The team caters to most practice areas and delivers services across a range of engagements

Non-life insurance

  • Loss reserving to enable completeness of financial statements, diminish risks of mispricing, misallocation of capital and excess tax cost
  • Pricing of insurance premiums of existing and new products to devise the right price for risk and improve profitability
  • Devising an optimal reinsurance route to reduce aggregation of risk, smooth profitability and curtail prescribed solvency capital requirements
  • Review and improvement of underwriting policy to safeguard the portfolio from excess risk
  • Analysis of claims and risk factors to identify key sources of risk and profitability

Life insurance

  • Review and estimation of life insurance reserves for accurate allocation of capital
  • Assistance with development and pricing of existing and new products
  • Profit-testing and sensitivity analysis of existing and future products to evaluate optimal balance between profitability and capital requirements

Non-state pension funds

  • Valuation of pension obligations in compliance with IFRS (IAS 19, IFRS 4) and audit review
  • Consulting non-state pension funds on IFRS adoption, assistance in the development of accounting policies and treatments
  • Evaluation of funded status of non-state pension funds
  • Consulting on improvement of the financial performance of non-state pension fund

Pensions and long-term employee benefits

  • Valuation of post-employment or long-term benefit obligations in compliance with IFRS (IAS 19) or US GAAP (FAS 87) and audit review


  • Due diligence assistance on buy or sell side
  • Evaluation of pre-funding arrangements
  • Statistical modeling of claims and cashflows
  • Asset liability matching to align expected returns per asset class to expected outgo

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