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Management of Non-performing Loan Portfolios

Management of Non-performing Loan Portfolios

What’s on your mind?

  • The quality of your bank’s loan portfolio has recently deteriorated significantly.
  • You have the required liquidity reserves and want to acquire a number of problem loan portfolios, but have doubts about their actual quality.

Your questions

  • How can the risks associated with your existing problem loan portfolios be mitigated?
  • Can the problem loan portfolios be sold?
  • What is the actual value of the problem loan portfolios you plan to acquire?
  • What is the optimal loan portfolio sale/acquisition transaction structure?

How KPMG can help?

  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of the problem loan portfolios, determining their quality and actual value.
  • We develop a financial modelling tool to analyse the bank’s business operations.
  • We assist in setting up, or improving the performance of your workout unit.
  • We provide consultation on transferring problem loans to a specialised problem asset management company.
  • We provide assistance in the acquisition/sale of loan portfolios, including assessing the indicative reserves, structuring the transaction, analysis of the tax aspects, auditing the loan pool, etc.


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