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Integration & Separation

Integration & Separation

Negotiating, signing and closing the deal is only part of the story.

Negotiating, signing and closing the deal is only part of the story

It is important to plan and implement operational separation of target business by the seller, and operational integration by the buyer to ensure operational control over target and achievement of planned synergies.

KPMG global survey has shown that two thirds of corporate buyers do not achieve synergy targets, while a share of synergies has been paid to the seller as part of deal value. Thus only a third of buyers create shareholder value within M&A deals.

KPMG Integration & Separation group supports clients throughout the deal process:

1. To enable your principal decisions around the prospective deal

  • Assessment of strategic integration or separation options
  • Development of target operating models
  • Synergy assessment and implementation planning

2. To plan and coordinate your deal process

  • Setting up project management office and project monitoring
  • Overall integration or separation planning, including “100 days” planning

3. To ensure operational control over target business and prevent value leakage

  • Day-1 readiness planning and monitoring

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