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The future of financial services

The future of financial services

The latest analysis from KPMG’s finest thought leaders across the financial services sector.

The latest financial services sector analysis.

Customer demand is shaping the future of financial services and fundamentally changing traditional business models. The battle for the customer is now top of every organisations agenda. 

Today’s customers expect timely and tailored products and services and the competition across financial services is fierce. To meet this expectation, new ways of engaging with customers are erupting onto the street from start-up firms and big technology businesses.  

The ground held by traditional finance institutions is being fought for by peer-to-peer lending services and insurance, low-cost online-only challenger banks and do-it-yourself portfolio management companies. But there are opportunities ahead for those willing to think differently. 

We are helping all kinds of clients move to this new horizontal world, where they can navigate through complex changes in regulation and public policy to provide truly customer-led services, whilst also cutting costs.

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