IPO Services - Romania

IPO Services - Romania

The process of going public is complex and requires a well thought out plan of action and a team to support it.

The process of going public is complex and requires a well thought out plan of action

To carry out the process, you may need to add a group of Initial Public Offering (IPO) advisers to your executive team, which is typically comprised of independent professionals, such as your auditors, bankers, lawyers, and consultants.

KPMG provides a wide range of services to address the issues faced by clients on their journey towards an IPO and their preparations for being a listed company.

With an effective and diligent advisory team, management can focus on the strategic elements of the IPO process where their input is critical.

A multidisciplinary team can help deliver against the ambitious timetables of an IPO and can assist with the fundamental changes involved in becoming a publicly listed company by offering:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of capital markets requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of accounting, tax, and financial reporting requirements, helping organizations with going and being public
  • Extensive experience in corporate governance matters.

Becoming listed is often only the beginning of a long journey for a company. Preparation at this stage will allow for a company to develop the characteristics that define powerful organizations in a capital market environment.

KPMG can provide clients with a coordinated response via its specialists.

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