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Value of Audit

Value of Audit

The value of audit and its role have come to the forefront of an international debate. Audit serves an important function, but change is afoot.

The value of audit and its role have come to the forefront of an international debate.

The pressing issues facing the audit model and profession are explored in the Value of Audit: shaping the future of corporate reporting, a series of candid, personal interviews with KPMG audit leaders from around the world. 

We shared our views with investors, regulators, and audit committee members through a global series of roundtable discussions hosted by economia magazine and held in London, Johannesburg, Singapore, Toronto and concluding in March 2015 in Frankfurt. Read economia’s coverage and watch the videos for quick insight into perspectives on audit quality, investor relations and the important and sometimes delicate relationship between audit committee chair, management and auditor.

The discussion continues with investors in 2016 as we bring the Value of Audit to the International Corporate Governance Network’s regional and annual conferences. Through panel discussions with investors we will delve more deeply into the role audit plays in investment decisions and how the corporate report can better support the flow of capital that underpins financial markets.

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