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Trusts and Trustees

Trusts and Trustees

Our role is to work with our client's to provide solutions to the tax issues they face.

Our role is to work with our client's to provide solutions to tax issues.

We develop relationships with our clients so that we understand who they are, what they need and how we can help them to achieve it.

Our clients

We offer Guernsey, Jersey and UK taxation services to a range of very different clients including Channel Islands-based trust companies and the trustees of non-UK resident Trusts.

There is no standard KPMG client, our objective is to provide quality and value to each of them.

Our services

To a large extent our services are determined by our client’s needs and as such we are flexible but some of the primary areas in which we have expertise are as follows:

Services for Trustees

We provide a wide variety of services to offshore trustees including;

  • Performing health checks of structures for all relevant taxes (income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax);
  • Calculating relevant income and gains pools in order to determine income tax and capital gains tax liabilities;
  • Preparing inheritance tax submissions for HMRC;
  • Effectively managing HMRC disclosures where appropriate

Taxation for UK property holding

We deal with all taxes associated with offshore trusts, companies and individuals which hold an interest in UK property, including the following:

  • non-resident company returns; 
  • VAT;
  • ATED;
  • Non-resident capital gains tax;
  • Proposed inheritance tax rules;
  • Advice in respect of structuring UK property holding and development
  • risk and regulatory
  • Advising on the development, implementation and review of a fiduciary tax risk framework for organisations.
  • Assistance with FATCA/CRS for organisations and also for assisting our clients with individual information requests;
  • Assistance with disclosure to tax authorities in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK.

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