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On the 2017 board agenda

On the 2017 board agenda

Seven key priorities for boards in 2017.


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In 2017, corporate growth and shareholder return will still require the essentials - managing key risks, innovating and capitalising on new opportunities, and executing on strategy. But the context for corporate performance is changing quickly - and perhaps profoundly -as advances in technology, business model disruption, heightened expectations of investors and other stakeholders, and global volatility and political shifts force companies and their boards to rethink what it will take to stay competitive in the long term, and what it means to be a corporate leader. 

Drawing on insights from our recent ACI pulse surveys and interactions withdirectors and business leaders over the past 12 months, we have highlighted seven items that, in our opinion, boards should keep in mind as they help guide the company forward in the year ahead.

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