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Disruption: putting the audit committee on high alert

Disruption: putting the audit committee on high alert

Issues in technology and regulation are moving up the audit committee agenda


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Virtually no strategic conversation proceeds without someone citing the need to either be disruptive or to respond quickly to disruptive market and industry trends - trends that have typically been connected to technology in one way or another. However, we don’t generally think about the concept of disruption when talking about the audit committee, even when discussing its changing role and responsibilities.

Disruption can affect audit committees in different ways. In some cases - for example, cyber security - audit committees may need to become more knowledgeable and more vigilant in their oversight due to the rapid, ongoing evolution of the field. In other areas, such as oversight of reporting and compliance, it is their own approaches and processes that are changing, as complex standards up the regulatory ante.

In the two short documents below we look at some of the issues arising from disruptive trends in technology and regulation.

Disruptive trends: technology

Disruptive trends: regulation

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