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KPMG's Breakfast Seminar

The KPMG Breakfast Seminar will focus on four key topics, the goal? To stimulate debate amongst participants.

19 May 2016, 9:00AM - 12:00PM, GMT Jersey, Jersey

On Thursday 19th of May, we will be hosting our first KPMG Express event. Unlike other seminars, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of short discussions, which will focus on four key topics. Each presenter will give an overview of their chosen topic during a 15 minute presentation, with five minutes allocated to questions from the audience. The outcome of the event is to provide a rapid overview of each topic and to stimulate debate amongst the participants.


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Topics covered

Behind Closed Doors

A risk management strategy needs to be constantly refined, to take account of changing regulations, as well as wider issues such as reputational risk and the ever changing perception of what constitutes “acceptable” tax planning. Jason Laity, KPMG Channel Islands Chairman and Tax Executive Director, will discuss a framework for managing tax risk in the enterprise in this session.

Responding to the Knock at the Door

The recent Panama Papers are clear reminders that bad press is closer to home than most people would like and at the top of most Board member’s minds is the content of their client book. Whether these questions are sparked as part of a readiness or remediation exercise, a buy-side/sell-side commercial due diligence prior or driven by regulatory on-site inspections many Boards are faced with the challenge of scrutinising their book through the modern lens. Robert Kirkby, Advisory Executive Director and Oliver Morris, Advisory Director, explore what this means for ‘business as usual’  

Is Your Door Secure?

Strengthening the security and resilience of a business’ access to and from cyberspace has become an important topic in recent weeks. During the ‘Is your door secure?’ session, the emphasis will be on protecting a business’ assets, particularly data, in a digital world. Our cyber security team will focus on the top five considerations when developing an information security management system, areas of concern within cyber risk management and the cyber responsibilities of Boards today.

Opening the Door to Transparency

It is clear that we should expect more transparency going forward and not less. John Riva, Head of Tax in the Channel Islands, will share his view and insights on the current state of the tax transparency initiatives such as CRS and what looms on the horizon in the ‘Opening the door to transparency’ session.


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