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Audit Industry Placement

Audit Industry Placement

Industry placements are excellent for gaining a broad range of professional experience.

Industry placements are excellent for gaining a broad range of professional experience.

Business area                                   Audit                                             
Length of programme One year
Qualifications you will work for ICAEW or ACCA
Location Jersey or Guernsey
Entry requirements

As a general rule, you will be expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum gradebB GCSE (*) Maths
  • Minimum grade B GCSE (*) English Language
  • Minimum of 300 UCAS Tariff Points (*)
  • Predicted 2:1 degree in any discipline

Note (*) or equivalent

We only consider a candidates 'top' 3 A-level grades and do not accept General Studies.

It's not just your academic performance we're interested in - we will assess your application by combining a number of different factors including work experience and how you perform in our recruitment process.

Placement opportunities are only open to students who are Jersey and Guernsey residents.

Industry placements are excellent for gaining a broad range of professional experience whilst working with a wide variety of professionals within the KPMG network.

During our industry placement programme, you’ll begin a professional qualification, get technical training and be exposed to personal development opportunities, which will help to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in your future.

In depth

Within the audit department, you could be part of a team which carries out audits for clients in a variety of industries – or, you could have your own specific area to build your expertise in (for example, banking). With the potential to work on such a diverse pool of organisations, you might find yourself spending more time at their premises instead of ours!

For each audit, the size of the team and project length will vary depending on your client. As a general rule, however, you can expect to be working at client premises in a team of between two and six people. As well as offering the chance to meet a huge mix of people, being part of different teams will help you build on your team-working and communication skills. And, because audit departments are usually very sociable places, it make for a great working environment.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your business career off to a flying start. And, the professional exams you complete will stand you in good stead for your final year at university.


What to expect

From day one, client contact will be key. Much of your time will be spent at client offices, talking with the different functions of the organisation being audited to assess business and accounting processes. So, as well as spending time studying for your professional qualification, you could be:

  • Confirming a client’s record of its cash balances agrees with the bank’s record
  • Checking that the client owns the fixed assets it says it does and that its employees really exist
  • Attending a stock-take to observe their methods
  • Attending a stock-take to observe their methods

The work will often be demanding and, like any job, have some mundane aspects. At other times, it will stretch your energies and capabilities to the limit. So you can be sure that the work will be satisfying and rewarding, with plenty of opportunities for a good social life with colleagues when the job is done.

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